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thin, thin, thin...

How could it hurt you when it looks so good?

14 April
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Thats me :]

Well hmmm.... I guess I'll start out with the Basics :] My name is Jessica Marie, I'm a 17 year-old female who lives in California, USA. I guess you can say I am the typical Cali girl. I was born on the wonderfull day of April 14th 1989 in a city that pratically the whole world knows about now since the famous show called The O.C. came out. Yes, yes, I used to live in Orange County (aka O.C., also key word used to). When I was about 11 my Mom got re-married and we ended up moving to my Step-Dads house.... in the High desert! What a HUGE change. I was used to the Ocean and sand, now I live 3 hours away from the beach and all I see is desert and tumble weeds! But I got to admit, its not all that bad. If it wasnt for moving to the High Desert I wouldent have met my great friends Jenny, Devin, Nicole and Christina. Or even be as close to God as I am now, which brings me to the next thing about me. I am a Christian, yes, I LOVE JESUS and I dont care to say it, I am proud. :]


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This is my journal, I will write about whatever I want. My problems, my family, my friends, my eating disorder, school, etc. Dont comment to be added if all your going to do is bash me. I'm honestly a great person. All you have to do is get to know me :]
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Likes: friends, family, going to the movies, racing, NASCAR, graphic making, shopping, tote bags, Aeropostale, ae, levis, chucks, makeup, American Idol, tanning, God, Fridays, school, CSI, boys, cold weather, rain, scary movies and many more. Dislikes: food, rude people, war, pop-up adds, alarm clocks, hot weather, lobsters, crabs, spiders, boys who play games and many more

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My name is Jessica - My nick names are Jess, Jeka, Little Bus, Jessica Punkie, Butthead, Lion and Punchito - I hate the nick name Jessie, I think its ugly - I'm 16 going on 17 in April, w00t w00t! - I'm an Aries - I go to Silveriot oops I mean Silverado High School - Even though my school is always talked about, I ♥ going there - Weirdest thing I have on my iPod is: The Britney Spears Pepsi commercial song (if anyone remembers it) - I'm short - My eyes change colors through out the day - I will fall in ♥ with any guy who has a awesome smile, nice eyes, and can make me laugh - I can cross my eyes, and only one eye at a time - My friends think I am hilarious - I can laugh at myself - I have stalkers - My brother James is in the Navy - I have the best friends that anyone can get - I have a wondeful family - Better yet I have a AWESOME 2nd family - I have the cuttest little brother - I ♥ living in Cali - I miss living in the O.C. - I want to go to Europe someday - I think British accents are hawt - Nerds are hot (like Seth Cohen) - I'm not affraid to say I L♥VE JESUS - I like Ashlee Simpson, so what? - I ♥ David Bowie - I ♥ Labyrinth - I ♥ 80's rock - I ♥ Rock n' roll - I like rap and R&B - I made up a rap with a friend once - I ♥ to tan even though I am white - Awww, Animals are cute - MOTHS are scary - I am affraid of the ocean - I believe that if I were to fall into the ocean I would die of fear first then be eaten by a shark - Pickles smell good - I ♥ air - Randomness is fun - I ♥ Homie "P-P" - Drugs are cruel School is cool - HAHA I so just made that up - You drink, you drive, you loose - Didnt make that on up though, saw it while driving on the freeway - Doing the Gangsta Fishie Face is cool - I dont like dark soda - I drink alot of water - BFB: Big Freaking Bullet (thats for all my CSI: Las Vegas fans) - Harry Potter is a pimp - Big sunglasses are the shiznit - I cry when my plants die (thats for JenJen) - Jenny and I belong to the Dorks club. Our official names are Homie "J" The smart one (thats me) and Homie "P" or "P-P" the cool one (thats Jenny) - Chedder Bob is a G! - MC Bob is a OG! - 8 mile yall - I ♥ the rain - Overcast and gloomy/rainy is the best weather - I ♥ the cold - I am not affraid to let people see who I really am - I am not affraid to tell you want I think - If you bother me annoy me or just pretty much piss me off I will tell you - When I was little (like 6-8) I used to have a mullet - HAHA mullets are cool - I ♥ Racin' - I ♥ NASCAR - Boogity Boogity Boogity! Lets go Racin' boys! - R.I.P. Earnhadrt - #3 - I think Flamingos are the coolest animals - Ex boyfriends SUCK - I can be dumb as dirt - I get lost easy - I can speak piglatin - My left rist can snap really loud - I can make an Elvis Fishie face - I miss all my friends in Costa Mesa! - Face - Squid - Logans a geek - Brittanys a pimp! - Sean is annoying!! Haha but you gotta give him love too - Cruises to Mexico are a blast - I ♥ to cruise - I went on my first cruise when I was 4 months old - I want to be a NASCAR Nextel Cup Car Owner if I become rich - Direct TV is love - Tivo is love - Your a loser if you are still reading this - No really you are - I dont even know why I am still typing - ...... - lol - yea I must be bored - Corwin RD. to Joshua ST. is love - I ♥ iTunes - I ♥ my iPod nano - I ♥ my computer - I am addicted to myspace (I admit it) - I am addicted to LiveJournal (I admit that one too) - I watch Laguna Beach - I went to the beach every day summer of 1999 - I got 2nd degree sunburns as a result - First time I stayed up for New Years Eve / Even heard of it was 1998-1999 - New Years 1999-2000 I was at a all night skating rink lol - I ♥ bowling - Even though I dont know how to bowl, throw the ball right, or stop to look at what pins my ball hits, I still ♥ bowling - 1998 season of Baseball I went to almost every Angles game with my Daddy - I ♥ my Daddy - I have 10 pets - 2 Dogs - 2 Cats - 1 Turtle - 1 Bird - and 4 Gold Fish - 2 of the gold fish I won at the fair - The first one I won was like....3 years ago - His name is Sparky and hes HUGE - The second one I won was a year ago - Hes name is bronzie because well....he was bronze - But hes orange now - .... kind of weird - I work at the fair every year - I feed my gold fish to much - they are fat -yea I thik I should stop talking about my gold fish now - K well I think I covered like...... EVERYTHING :) - Have any questions? Just ask :@)